Tracks > Data Security, Privacy and Protection

Monday, 4/3/2017
Afternoon Tutorials 01:30 PM - 04:45 PM
Title Speakers Audience
PM4: Executing Privacy Impact Assessments: A Tool for Information Risk, Privacy and Quality Daragh O'Brien, Castlebridge
Katherine O'Keefe, Castlebridge
Tuesday, 4/4/2017
Special Interest Groups 07:30 AM - 08:15 AM
Title Speakers Audience
Data Governance Compliance for European Union GDPR Sunil Soares, Information Asset
Daragh O'Brien, Castlebridge
CDO Vision: Risk, Security and Privacy 01:15 PM - 02:45 PM
Title Speakers Audience
Global Data Privacy Trends and Their Impact on Information Strategy Daragh O'Brien, Castlebridge
Balancing the “Need to Know” with the “Need to Share” Kevin Lynch, Raytheon Missile Systems
Wednesday, 4/5/2017
Conference Sessions 09:30 AM - 10:15 AM
Title Speakers Audience
Build a Secure Architecture for Sensitive Data John O'Brien, Radiant Advisors
CDO Vision: Case Study: The Dialog between Data and Legal 02:00 PM - 03:30 PM
Title Speakers Audience
Case Study: The Dialog Between Data and Legal John Ladley, First San Francisco Partners
Anthony J. Algmin, Uturn Data Solutions
William A. Tanenbaum, Arent Fox LLP
Conference Sessions (Professional Development focus) 02:00 PM - 02:45 PM
Title Speakers Audience
The State of the Art in Data Security Tom Spitzer, EC Wise, Inc.