Fostering Data Babies: Engaging a Younger Generation of Information Professionals
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  Tony Mazzarella   Tony Mazzarella
Assistant Director, Shared Digital Capabilities
DAMA International


Wednesday, April 5, 2017
02:00 PM - 02:45 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

Growing up in the digital age may lend itself to an increased aptitude for understanding data and information management, but without the principles, history, and guidance from those with decades of experience, things can go awry. Due to increased awareness, demand and a global change in climate towards "geeks" (we're cool now!), Data Babies are coming into the profession through various non-traditional paths with new ideas, misguided ideas and bad habits in tow. In this session, you’ll hear from a know it all Gen Y’er, who realised quickly that he hadn’t even scratched the surface of the history, complexity, and savvy that was required to succeed in enterprise data. Attendees will come away with ideas in engaging snot-nosed data geeks and gain insight into where they came from, how their paths are different and how to speak their language.

Tony Mazzarella, CDMP, is an Assistant Director at a leading financial services company overseeing Digital Analytics and Data Governance. Tony is in his second term as VP of Online Services for DAMA International, and he is acting President of DAMA New England. Tony’s 15-year career as a developer and digital strategist has aligned with the rise of the Information Economy; hence he has been on the front lines of many of the strategic, technical and ethical challenges we face today. He is a passionate data management practitioner and a rising thought leader in the data management community. Tony resides in Connecticut with his fiancé, his three children, and his two step-daughters.

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