Smart Grid Data Interoperability in Support of Surety Based Risk Management Utilizing Data Standards Such as xBRL-CET, IECRE 61724 and FIBO
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  Dixon Wright   Dixon Wright
Senior Vice President - Surety
Wells Fargo Insurance Services
  Randy Coleman   Randy Coleman
Principal Partner
Wizdom Systems, Inc.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017
08:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

In collaboration with XBRL US, EDM Council (Wizdom Systems), International Electrotechnical Commission Renewable Energy (IECRE) and the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP), Wells Fargo Insurance Services in conjunction with has been working to help identify commonly used data fields and create XBRL-CET, the taxonomy specifically tailored to the Construction, Energy and Transportation Industries. The efficiency gained will help small business while helping the largest entities, public and private, meet the demands of emerging technological requirements. The collaboration is developing an application that will assist Commercial, Residential and Governmental consumers/Offtakers as well as Sources of Capital and Financial Products (Construction Finance, Insurance, and Surety) to pull Work In Process performance and financial status from Energy Developers, Installers, O&M Providers and Asset Managers. The application is an instance of the SunSpec Orange Button initiative to make solar energy more accessible and affordable by making performance and financial data interoperable through the use of global data standards. This particular application makes use of the IECRE 61724 and FIBO data standards as the basis for data sharing, interchange and understanding.

Dixon Wright started his surety career in 1981 and is currently part of the Wells Fargo Insurance Services surety operations in San Francisco. Prior to joining Wells Fargo in 2009, Dixon owned a surety only agency along with a technology company active in developing internet based applications for surety. Since 2003, Dixon has been working with California State University Chico on the ‘AGC Surety Connection Project at CSU Chico’ to promote open standards and interoperability as an approach to address one of the surety industries most challenging problems and our communities most pressing need: improving access to surety credit for small and emerging companies.

Randy Coleman has over 46 years of experience serving DoD, Federal Governmental and commercial clients. Currently, Mr. Coleman is working with Wells Fargo Insurance Services and the SunSpec Consortium to develop a linking of the Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC) Financial Industries Business Ontology (FIBO) and the xBRL-CET Surety Work-In-Process Taxonomy to support data interoperability for Solar financial performance data. As an industry leader in Enterprise Architecture, his advice is sought out in this field by the DoD Deputy Chief Management Officer (DCMO), the DoD CIO and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). He currently is leading a strategic consulting team at DISA for re-energizing EA as part of the overall strategic processes for modernization of the DoD Information Networks (DoDIN), formerly the GIG. He has led a team that was the technical spearhead in the DoD for Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Semantic Technologies.

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