Even Non-Relational Databases Have Relationships
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  Pascal Desmarets   Pascal Desmarets


Tuesday, April 4, 2017
11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Level:  Intermediate

NoSQL document databases are now famous for their scalability, flexibility, and fast and easy evolution, and they provide the ability to start storing and accessing data with minimal effort and setup. With so much buzz around the terms NoSQL, schemaless, and non-relational, is it realistic to think that one can actually design a complex application with no structure, no schema, and no relationships?

Or do some best practices from the 'old world' still apply to the 'new world?' One such best practice is physical data modeling, whether before the fact, so projects are thought through, or after the fact, so proper documentation is maintained.

In this session we review how polymorphic or seemingly unstructured forms are handled in different JSON document data stores such as MongoDB, DynamoDB, DocumentDB, Oracle for NoSQL, etc., and how emerging modeling tools, designed specifically for NoSQL, help migrate from SQL and design NoSQL databases.

Pascal Desmarets has been designing applications and databases for a couple of decades but has embraced NoSQL and its dynamic schema approach. In the course of designing a social network built on MongoDB, he realized that he was missing some of the tools previously at his disposal in the old relational world. After a thorough inventory of the different solutions available on the market, he embarked on the design and development of a new application targeted at analysts, solution designers, architects, developers, and database administrators. Users can visually design, model, define, and create documentation for NoSQL databases. More information is available at http://hackolade.com.

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