Graph Theory You Need to Know
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  Tim Berglund   Tim Berglund
Director of Education


Wednesday, April 5, 2017
08:30 AM - 09:15 AM

Level:  Intermediate

Which marriages in the village will last? Which chicken is the queen of the coop? How many crayons do you need to color a county map of Tennessee? What do all of these questions have in common? They're all graph problems.

Graphs are simultaneously the most intuitive data structure and host to some of the most esoteric algorithms and properties most technology developers are likely to encounter. Given the increasing popularity of graph databases, a small investment in this important topic is timely. Come to this talk for a friendly and approachable introduction to graph theory, application, and implementation.

Tim Berglund is a teacher, author, and technology leader with DataStax, where he serves as the Director of Training. He can frequently be found speaking at conferences in the United States and all over the world. He is the co-presenter of various O’Reilly training videos on topics ranging from Git to Mac OS X Productivity Tips to Distributed Systems and is the author of "Gradle Beyond the Basics." He tweets as @tlberglund, blogs very occasionally at, and lives in Littleton, CO, with the wife of his youth and their youngest child.

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