Healthcare Analytics and Data Strategy
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  Kevin Schofield   Kevin Schofield
ADRM Software, Inc.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017
07:30 AM - 08:15 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

Leaders of healthcare organizations are faced with rapidly expanding and changing analytic and reporting requirements. Public and private Payers are requiring more and more detailed reporting and analytics from Providers, driving a need for enhanced analytic capabilities for Payers and causing many Providers to struggle to keep up with the rapidly evolving requirements. However, it is imperative that Providers put in place appropriate analytic and reporting capabilities as penalties, not just missed incentives, as they can now be substantial, and the regulatory outlook promises only more change. New Provider-driven initiatives such as High Reliability Medicine only further emphasize the need for more detailed analytics and better integrated data. This presentation will review strategies for success in this challenging healthcare analytics environment and will touch on the following topics, which include both healthcare-specific issues as well as technologies that some organizations are adopting or considering:
  • MU, PQRS and VBPM
  • MSSP and ACO analytics
  • MACRA – MIPS and APMs
  • Big Data and Data Lakes
  • Internet of Things and Point of Care Analytics
  • Cloud and Analytics-as-a-Service

During the past 17 years, Kevin Schofield has led ADRM Software to its current position as the leading independent provider of comprehensive industry-specific data models. He has had the privilege to work directly with most of ADRM’s customers across a wide variety of industries in 18 countries around the world to ensure that their diverse and evolving analytic requirements are met now and in the future through the use of large-scale industry-specific data models to accelerate the deployment of large scale DW and analytic infrastructures across diverse platforms, while reducing risk and benefiting from best practices and lessons learned at other similar large organizations.

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