The Dangers and Dollars of Dirty Data
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  Peter Aiken   Peter Aiken
Founding Director
Data Blueprint
  Loretta Mahon Smith   Loretta Mahon Smith
Global Lead for Data Governance/North American Lead for Data Modeling


Tuesday, April 4, 2017
01:15 PM - 02:00 PM

Level:  Introductory

Keeping data clean is one of the hardest challenges we face as data professionals. This session will tackle the dangers of dirty data, address the cost of dirty data, and determine and establish a plan to keep the data clean going forward.

You will learn:

  • How to identify if you have dirty data
  • Who to talk to to identify what data is dirty
  • How to quantify the cost of data that is not clean
  • What data should be cleaned (where to focus first)
  • How to measure data quality now and going forward
  • What you can do with the data that is now clean
  • Ways to keep people interested going forward

Peter Aiken, Ph.D., is a modern-day business guru, widely recognized as one of the top data management authorities worldwide. In a career spanning over 30 years, Peter has revolutionized organizational data management, levying his technical know-how and experience as a speaker, teacher, consultant, and writer into outstanding structural efficiency and profitability for dozens of organizations spanning 20 countries—not to mention an ever-growing library of renowned data management publications. Outside of winning over crowds all across the globe, Peter is the Founding Director of Data Blueprint—a data management consulting firm that’s been putting organizations on the right path to leverage data for competitive advantage and operational excellence since 1999—as well as a former President of the International Data Management Association (DAMA), an Associate Professor of Information Systems at Virginia Commonwealth University, and a passionate horse enthusiast alongside his wife Cathy.

Loretta Mahon Smith is the Global Lead for Data Governance and the North American Lead for Data Modeling in IBM’s Global Business Services practice. She has extensive strategic data management expertise with more than a 25-year career, including significant depth in financial services. An experienced and noted Data Architect, she has a proven track record of implementing business value through innovative uses of Enterprise information with Logical Data Models, Metadata Management, Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Mart Design, Data Profiling and Master Data Management. Ms Smith is a results-driven thought leader able to create the practical tactics for project implementation which can fulfill a long-term strategic vision. She is an accomplished speaker, writer, and facilitator, adept at relationship building in both business and technical environments. Ms. Smith enables communication between business and technical professionals using data modelling, technical writing, and presentation skills by creating technically accurate visual and written documentation of data requirements at the conceptual, logical, and physical levels. A mentor on all facets of Data Stewardship, Data Governance, Data Architecture, Data Modeling (Structured, Unstructured, Streaming, Big Data), and Business Intelligence, Ms Smith has achieved mastery level certifications from DAMA International as a Certified Data Management Professional, from TDWI as a Certified Business Intelligence Professional and from the ICCP as a Certified Computing Professional. he is a Past-President of DAMA NCR Chapter in the US, and has served on the DAMA International BOD, and is currently a member of the DAMA Foundation BOD.

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