Building the Enterprise Knowledge Graph
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  Peter Perera   Peter Perera
Enterprise/Business Technology Consultant
The Perera Group, Inc.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017
10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

The majority of business and customer insight and knowledge is gained from understanding dynamic, contextualized connections, not from processing static data. But here's the problem.

Connections, especially distant, contextualized ones, are not the bailiwick of enterprise business systems and data warehouses. For that we need something akin to a connections hub fueled by a graph database.

Much of the technology revolution is really about moving past a single-context data processing mindset and venturing into the realm of connections processing in multiple contexts.

Now that's something enterprise systems and data warehouses don't handle very well. The Enterprise Connections Hub we envision in this session moves us from a fixed data warehouse to a malleable enterprise "connectome".

More instructively, this presentation goes beyond conventional hierarchical entity and data relationships. It looks at newfangled graph database technologies to find, visualize, traverse and analyze complex, contextualized "heterarchical" and "holarchical" connections that challenge the most formidable relational databases.

In short, Peter Perera works with graph databases to contextualize, explore, visualize and analyze customer connections and data relationships - viewing customer data like never envisioned. You can say he soups up CRM and MDM systems. He is an enterprise business technology consultant and a spirited, experienced presenter with subject expertise in customer MDM graph, enterprise CRM and making enterprise data graph-ready. During his lengthy consulting career, he has advised and collaborated with over 100 client organizations, facilitated over 100 two-day seminars, has spoken at numerous conferences and penned many articles on enterprise CRM ad MDM. Since 2013, he has focused on emerging graph db technologies to tell engaging customer data stories. During the last two decades, his clients have included brand-name organizations in enterprise software, health insurance, travel, education, high-tech, manufacturing, financial services, nonprofits, business services, and medical products and diagnostics.

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