Humans Required: Future of AI
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  Steven Gustafson   Steven Gustafson
Chief Scientist


Wednesday, April 5, 2017
08:30 AM - 09:15 AM

Level:  Intermediate

Artificial intelligence is more than a game of man vs. machines. For AI to have a valuable impact, it requires a symbiosis with humans. The presentation will explore real-world examples of how core AI ingredients such as knowledge representation and reasoning, learning, and decision-making requires human engagement.

Attendees will learn how this synergy can lead business leaders to:

  • Utilize the right data (structured and unstructured) from across silos and organizations
  • Accelerate knowledge discovery within the enterprise
  • Reduce capital expenditures
  • Optimize assets and processes through operationalization
  • Increase profitability
The session will conclude with a look at a new category of technology being driven in part by AI algorithms, machine learning, semantic search, and an enterprise knowledge graph, called Knowledge-centric technology.

Steven Gustafson is Chief Scientist overseeing research and data science at Maana. Previously, he spent over 10 years at General Electric's Global Research Center, New York, developing analytical solutions across the finance, healthcare, and industrial sectors. Steven drove company-wide strategies for Big Data, Semantics, and Artificial Intelligence. He founded GE's Knowledge Discovery Lab and co-founded the Journal of Memetic Computing, as Technical Editor-in-Chief. He has chaired conferences and program committees, and serves on several editorial boards. Steven was awarded the IEEE Intelligent System's “AI's 10 to Watch,” holds over 10 patents, and has authored over 40 peer reviewed articles. Steven earned a PhD in Computer Science at University of Nottingham, UK, and was a research fellow in the Automated Scheduling, Optimization and Planning Research Group. He received his BS and MS in Computer Science from Kansas State University, and was a research assistant in the Knowledge Discovery in Databases Laboratory.

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