Emergence of the Data Governance Architecture
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  Steven Zagoudis   Steven Zagoudis


Tuesday, April 4, 2017
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

Efforts to advance Data Governance within organizations is forcing Data Governance Specialists, Data Scientists, and Architects to realize that they must function across the organization if they are to truly solve business and technical data issues. But there are so many components to the data and process landscape, and elusive metadata is the only glue that binds these components. There is increasing awareness that overall Metadata Governance is required to truly understand the relationship between data, business, and technology, yet Metadata Governance efforts typically focus on either the detailed technical data or the business process definition. Metadata tools are creating isolated pools of metadata requiring metadata warehousing to see across the enterprise. Thought leaders in Data Governance are defining a comprehensive Data Governance Architecture that is, in essence, an integration between the Data Governance Stewardship model, Metadata Governance, and advancements in traditional Enterprise Architecture. During this session you will learn:
  • The components of the Data and Information Governance and Architectures
  • Business and technical ramifications of emergence of the Governance Architecture
  • The relationship to the traditional Enterprise Architecture
  • The components of a Metadata Governance
  • The impact of technology on the Data and Information Governance landscape (good and bad)
  • Integrating Data and Information Governance Architecture components into roles and responsibilities

Steve Zagoudis is CEO of MetaGovernance. Steve is implementing a new paradigm in data governance that puts into practice the nuances in applying technology in a regulated world and addressing regulation through governance process and controls. Steve has substantial corporate experience directing IT, data governance and information governance efforts at BP, IBM, Goldman, and the Federal Home Loan Banks. As a result of his experience base, he has repeatedly demonstrated the dynamics of governance controls in the world of structured and unstructured big data, created value through augmentation of failed data warehouses by improving use from increased data confidence and control automation, and established an approach for eliminating waste across the information flow of organizations. Steve's involvement with executive-level management puts into practice his passion of driving business and competitive advantage through the optimal use of an organization's assets.

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