PM5: Proactive Change Management: A Must for Any Data Program
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  Kelle O'Neal   Kelle O'Neal
Founder and CEO
First San Francisco Partners


Monday, April 3, 2017
01:30 PM - 04:45 PM

Level:  Intermediate

The industry has progressed so much that there is a general consensus that information is an asset and should be managed and governed as such. This belief is reinforced through government regulation and the negative press that rains down on companies whose data is jeopardized. So why is it still so hard to implement a data program and maintain the activity level beyond the kick-off?

Because change is hard, and any data program means change. In this session, we will discuss the areas of an information management program that create the most change in an organization and walk through a practical approach to managing change throughout the data journey. We will review how to ensure accountability for data and data processes and how to monitor the change and adoption over time.

Attendees will leave understanding:

  • The basics of culture change
  • Specific issues of change with data efforts
  • How to create a change management business case
  • How to build a change plan
  • The importance of a sustainable change team
  • How to measure adoption and promote accountability across the organization

Kelle is the Founder and CEO of First San Francisco Partners, an information management consulting firm. She is a veteran industry leader and accomplished advisor, as well as a noted speaker, author and trainer. Kelle is passionate about helping organizations realize the business value of data — and empowering them to derive insights that can improve operational efficiency and decision-making, generate new revenue and mitigate risk and fraud. Kelle developed her ability to work through organizational complexity, build consensus and drive results in senior roles at companies that include U.S.-based firms GoldenGate Software, Siebel Systems and Oracle. She also worked at the executive level in Europe and Asia. Kelle received her MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and has a BA degree from Duke University.

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