CDMP® Exam Preparation Workshop
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  Katherine O'Keefe   Katherine O'Keefe
  Lowell Fryman   Lowell W. Fryman
Practice Principle
  David Wiebe   David Wiebe
Certified Data Management Professional
DAMA Australia


Sunday, April 2, 2017
10:30 AM - 02:00 PM

Level:  Intermediate

This workshop covers an overview of the process, tips, and techniques of successful CDMP exam taking. In this interactive and informative session, you will learn:
  • What is the CDMP certification process
  • The DAMA-DMBOK and CDMP data exams alignment
  • What topics comprise each exam’s body of knowledge
  • Concepts and terms used in the CDMP exams
  • A refresher of core Data Management concepts covered in the CDMP syllabus
  • A self-assessment of your knowledge and skill via representative questions

Dr Katherine O'Keefe is a Data Governance and Data Privacy consultant with Castlebridge. She works with clients in a variety of sectors on consulting and training engagements, as well as leading research and development in areas such as Information Ethics and Gamification of Learning for Information Management.

In addition to her professional experience in Data Governance and Privacy, Katherine lectures on Information Ethics at the Law Society of Ireland and is a contributor at the Adapt Centre in Trinity College Dublin. She holds a Doctorate in Anglo-Irish Literature from University College Dublin and is a world leading expert on the Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde.

Lowell Fryman is responsible for delivering thought leadership and advisory services for Collibra. He has been a practitioner in the data management industry for three decades and is recognized as a leader in data governance, analytics, and data quality.

Lowell is a co-author of two data governance books: “Business Metadata; Capturing Enterprise Knowledge” and “The Data and Analytics Playbook” published in 2016 by Morgan Kaufmann.

Lowell is a past adjunct professor at Daniels College of Business, (Denver University), the current VP of Education for DAMA-I Rocky Mountain Chapter (RMC), a DAMA-I Charter member, and a member of the Data Governance Professionals Organization. He is also an author and reviewer on the DAMA-I Data Management Book of Knowledge (DMBoK).

Lowell writes the Business Glossary and Metadata column on, contributes to Collibra Blogs, and is the moderator for the Collibra Governance Sponsors Community.

David Wiebe has over 25 years of business experience covering: consulting, systems development and integration. He practices a solution architecture approach for designing and delivering information systems that utilise services and data architectures to implement business functionality, while aligning to an enterprise architecture framework. He is experienced in data modeling, business process management, database management and software development. He has worked in projects where strategic enterprise designs were implemented for large-scale application development efforts. He is a practitioner of the Zachman Enterprise Architecture Framework, a contributor to Standards Australia 2006 AS 4590 - Interchange of Client Information, a co-author of the Queensland Government Information Portfolio Framework, and has worked with IBM’s IFW standard for financial services. He is an expert ERwin user.

David has created and evolved enterprise data and information models for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, AMP, ANZ Bank, BT Financial Group, the Australian Tax Office, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and Queensland Government. This included developing information and data standards and policies, roadmaps and guidelines for aligning the information architecture with the enterprise architecture keeping the relevant artifacts up to date.

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