Managing Business Data Architecture: When the Business Is Technology, and Technology Is Your Business
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  George Yuhasz   George Yuhasz
Admin VP, Enterprise Data
M&T Bank


Tuesday, April 4, 2017
01:15 PM - 02:00 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

Many organizations are challenged by retiring/upgrading existing legacy data stores while also seeking to take advantage of new technical capabilities in the data marketplace to optimize the organization's operational efficiency and competitive advantage. This presentation will present a business case for assigning "data architect" roles in both business and technology to effectively execute a finished product that will advance the organization's data strategy and deliver on business value:
  • There's technical data architects and business data architects.
  • The technical architects need to design the technical solution and plan for execution.
  • The business architects need to articulate and contextualize the business data as both meaning and value.
  • Neither area can succeed without the other in the long term.
  • Overlapping roles between "technology" and "business" require both codification and flexibility.

Head of Data Solutions for the Enterprise Data Office at M&T Bank, George Yuhasz has over 15 years of experience leading enterprise data initiatives in financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, government, military, and higher education. His expertise spans areas such as Business Intelligence, Data Governance, Data Architecture, and Strategy.

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