The Good, the Bad, and the (Sometimes) Ugly: Breaking Past the Traditional Governance Maturity Assessments
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  Michael Nicosia   Michael Nicosia
VP, F&A Strategy & Data Governance


Wednesday, April 5, 2017
08:30 AM - 09:15 AM

Level:  Introductory

Don't we all want to know how we "stack up?" It's just part of human nature - comparing ourselves against a benchmark, a standard, each other, etc. This is also true in within the data governance community. There are a myriad of maturity models that can be used as the basis for comparison, and each provide a broad understanding of where improvement opportunities exist. However, the results of these assessments are rarely actionable and leave you wanting more guidance on how to get from level X to Y. We believe there is another way to address this guidance gap and understand the level of data governance capability adoption at the operational level, which is really the most important part. This session will provide a case study and insights into:
  • The difference between "cocktail party" maturity ratings and operational adoption assessments
  • How you measure adoption of key data governance and data management practices
  • Linking policies, standards, and practices into a logical approach to raising maturity
  • The approach and methodology behind a data governance practice assessment

Michael Nicosia joined TIAA-CREF in November 2004 and is currently responsible for developing and deploying business-led data and process governance capabilities and leading the development of Finance & Actuarial's (F&A) multi-dimensional vision, strategy, and roadmap. In addition to these responsibilities, Mr. Nicosia oversees a large scale transformation program focused on strengthening and automating critical Finance business processes, improving data quality and integration and upgrading Finance's underlying technology/infrastructure. He is also an active member of the company's Enterprise Data Governance council. Prior to joining TIAA-CREF, Mr. Nicosia worked as a Managing Consultant for The Amherst Group Limited, a consulting firm that provides advisory services to Shared Services organizations around the world. During this time, he provided strategic advice and counsel to Fortune 100 companies on organizational design and implementation of shared services management practices, and he conducted detailed studies of various service delivery processes across multiple functional areas and industries.

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