Project Management in an Enterprise Data Environment
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  Jonathan Fuld   Jonathan Fuld
The Fuld Group


Wednesday, April 5, 2017
09:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Level:  Introductory

Why waste time implementing project management methodologies in Business Intelligence, when your best person can produce that report in two hours? If you are only looking for report writers who can develop reports from a canned application, then Project Management will not provide much benefit at all. If your organization is producing six (6) megabytes to ten (10) terabytes per day of data, then project management rigor is a necessary tool to ensure quality delivery of data output. This session will provide the attendee with an introduction to the fastest way to implement project management in an enterprise driven organization.

  • Project Management is in three parts: Project Management, Program Management and Portfolio Management.
  • Iterative isn't better Project Delivery. Its activity without accountability.
  • There is a place for Agile if there is an adaptable team.
  • Proof of Concept works very well under the Waterfall SDLC.
  • Status reporting is not project management.

Jonathan Fuld has over 20 years experience as a Senior Consultant leading IT and business projects. These projects include Big Data, BI, ETL, Meta-Data and Data Quality and Data Warehousing, Customer Experience and NPS. He has consulted at Kaiser (Medicare), Health Net (Payer), DirecTV, Toyota and several start-ups. He was instrumental in developing approaches to big data storage (including validation and quality assessment), mining, and patent delivery approach (very large curated and non-curated data sets of DNA form and function from five wet labs.) Jonathan has extensive experience in executive-level interaction (CEO, Board of Directors, etc.) and in client-facing project management, project reviews, situational analysis and corporate management presentations. He knows the SDLC quite well and has employed Agile on a regular basis. He is an author and a speaker of all things IT.

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