FIBO Relationship to Other Financial Industry Standards: The XBRL Bank Call Report (FFIEC 031) in FIBO
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  Jurgen Ziemer   Jurgen Ziemer
Jayzed Data Models Inc.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017
03:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Level:  Intermediate

The session explains how to load XBRL schema and instance data into FIBO. The example is the US FDIC Call Report, FFIEC031.

For US banks one of the key reports required to be filed is the quarterly Consolidated Report of Condition and Income, generally referred to as the call report or RC report. The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) publishes the XBRL taxonomy and bank filings.

Extensible Business Reporting Language, XBRL is the global standard to exchange business reports.

An operational FIBO implementation must load and produce forms and reports.

Onboarding industry standards and regulatory requirements drive FIBO customization. Semantic compliance with FIBO improves data management.

Following the two-step approach, participants can load their Call Report and other XBRL data into the ontology.

Jurgen Ziemer is an expert on Financial Compliance, Data Architecture, FIBO and Legal ontologies. Jurgen has 20 years of industry experience at global financial institutions.

He consulted the German Stock exchange back in 1987. Moving to New York City, he worked for Reuters and Credit Suisse. As an IBM and Accenture consultant for seven years, he advised banks in North America, Europe, and Asia on Banking Data Warehouse (BDW) implementations for Basel II (Wachovia, State Street, BOA, Scotia, HSBC, Bank Austria, etc.). Jurgen directly consulted CITI on BDW and Deutsche Bank on CCAR. He created the FIBO based Market Data ontology, part of DB's Semantic Bank 2016 FIBO conference presentation.

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