A Practical Look at FIBO Mapped Data and Concept Associations
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  John Senese   John Senese
Managing Partner


Tuesday, April 4, 2017
01:15 PM - 02:45 PM

Level:  Product/Service Offering

There can be up to 28,000 software applications and 10,000+ spreadsheets in major banking environments with different inconsistent data schemas that obscure transparency. The outcome of complexity ultimately led us to BCBS 239. We will describe the conflict and then explore how FIBO can be a solution. More importantly, we will discuss practical ways to explore the new FIBO data standard and value before committing huge amounts of capital.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Challenges of mapping to scale across applications and corporation silos
  • Practical FIBO deployment addressing BCBS 239
  • Leveraging FIBO to resolve BCBS 239
  • Demo - The DataAxxis POC to FIBO

John Senese is the Managing Partner of DataAxxis, where he currently is leading a team of industry professionals to design, develop and apply an automated RDF-OWL based reference data mapping solution and FIBO data transformation engine. Before joining DataAxxis, he held positions at IBM, Bloomberg, and S&P where he delivered high value data content and software solutions to the Financial Services industry enabling STP in front middle and back office operations. Drawing on 20+ years of experience seeing industry professionals struggle with efficiently integrating, aggregating, and maintaining data, FIBO and semantics technologies offer broad use cases for leveraging value from data. DataAxxis mission is to help Banks improve data mapping quality (KPI’s) and immediately test the benefit FIBO can bring to an organization.

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