Evolution Not Revolution - Integrating FIBO with an Existing Information Landscape
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  Elaine Hanley   Elaine Hanley
Offering Manager


Tuesday, April 4, 2017
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Level:  Intermediate

FIBO brings together considerable knowledge of the financial industry to provide a clear communication bridge between those who want to ensure the workings of the business can be measured accurately and consistently and those who are able to implement systems to support that measurement. The real test is in connecting FIBO to existing technical infrastructure. This session examines:

• What are the key steps in assessing current technical infrastructure for success?
• How can FIBO become central to a financial organization’s measurement of success?
• How can we keep up in a changing world with changes to the business environment?
• How to integrate FIBO into the appropriate technical infrastructure to enable the required management, governance, and deployment of physical artifacts?

In doing so, the session examines other commercial model abstractions, and new approaches being researched, such as cognitive technology, that shows positive signs of being able to adapt to the accelerating rate of change in the industry.

Elaine has spent over 20 years in Information Management - from developing products that provide enterprise data warehouses to designing information strategies for retail, banking, financial markets and insurance. She graduated from Trinity College, Dublin with a degree in Software Engineering, followed by a Masters in Computer Applications from Dublin City University. After a career working on the engineering side of developing information management products, Elaine turned to managing the business with Offering Management, where she is currently Offering Manager for Banking, Financial Markets and Insurance Industry Models with IBM.

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