Secrets of the CDOs
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  Jim Tyo   Jim Tyo
  Micheline Casey   Micheline Casey
  John Bottega   John A Bottega
Senior Advisor/Consultant
EDM Council – CDO Forum | Data Management Best Practices
  CJ Nakamura   CJ Nakamura
Global Head - EDM
Cerner Corporation


Thursday, April 6, 2017
10:30 AM - 11:45 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

Five years ago there were just a few dozen CDOs in corporations around the world, and most of those were in financial institutions, focussed on the data requirements of regulatory compliance and risk management. Fast forward to 2017 and the role has exploded across virtually all industries and government, and has expanded into areas of customer marketing, operations, policy and technology. Priorities have changed quickly, and the CDO now has a potential role anywhere data can be leveraged or monetized as a corporate asset. The timing of this expansion provides unprecedented professional opportunity for everyone who works with data today. But like any senior executive responsibility, you need more than the right academic degree or technical skills.

We learned from Ursula Cottone, our opening Keynote speaker, that the path to the CDO's office is not a straight line. So to footnote that opening talk, we've asked a group of current and former CDOs to a frank conversation about the nature of the job, how it is changing, and what they see as the biggest areas of opportunity for up-and-coming data and business professionals today.

Jim Tyo is the Executive Vice President and enterprise Chief Data Officer for Nationwide. Jim is responsible for overall strategic vision, planning, execution and management of all activities related to operation of the Enterprise Data Office (EDO) for BB&T, with the overarching goal of leveraging data to drive business insights into revenue opportunities, ensure regulatory compliance and identify/manage risk. The EDO ensures the data management strategy yields a high degree of data quality and client data protection through a robust data governance program and appropriate security controls without constricting the flow of business activities. They are the champions of data as a strategic asset to challenge and improve current products, services and processes, enabling BB&T to be the Best of the Best. Jim formerly worked at USAA; a member owned association dedicated to providing financial services to the military community and their families.

Ms. Casey is Principal at CDO, LLC, a boutique consultancy supporting the development of large-scale enterprise information management, data governance, and data security strategic plans and implementation efforts. Prior to CDO, LLC, Ms. Casey was the first state Chief Data Officer in the country, and part of the Governor’s Office in the State of Colorado. Ms. Casey was responsible for developing and executing the State of Colorado’s enterprise data strategy and data governance and data management frameworks across the State’s Executive Branch agencies. She coordinated legislative and policy actions as necessary for this strategic effort, and helped architect a groundbreaking series of laws between 2008 and 2010 to further the State’s information sharing agenda. Ms. Casey’s emphasis is on large scale, enterprise-wide, policy rich projects, and she brings strengths in business strategy, data management, data governance, and data security.

John Bottega is a senior strategy and data management executive with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Over his career, John has held various positions in supporting a firm's data management functions. Since 2006, John has held the title of Chief Data Officer in both the private and public sectors, serving as CDO for Citi and Bank of America, and holding the post of CDO for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Today, John is the Principal and Managing Member of his own consulting firm, Data Management Advisory Services, LLC, and is supporting the Enterprise Data Management Council as Senior Advisor and Consultant, responsible for the Council's CDO Forum and Data Management Practices. As the former Chief Data Officer at Bank of America, John was responsible for driving the enterprise data management strategy.?

CJ Nakamura is a proven business technology leader and serial entrepreneur in the US and Global Fortune 500 and Startup venture scene. Involved as the business leader, co-founder or board member at Medikin Healthcare, Synestesi Technologies, SparkNotes,, Campus Career, Merrill Lynch, and Siemens Healthcare; CJ has been bringing together People, Products and Processes, to create innovative, disruptive and financial value for millions of clients and users. Recent experience includes time spent at Siemens as the business data strategist and Cerner as the analytics director. Since early 2016, he is now the global head of enterprise data management at Cerner Corporation. Lastly, CJ speaks five languages, is a former Chess Champion of Sweden, loves Coaching and Caribbean Island Hopping, studied at Harvard, ESE and NYU and lived in three different continents. In his free time, he is raising two beautiful daughters, volunteering at Waldorf School of Philadelphia, and board advising at Penn State.

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